Data Science and AI for Public Good: Lessons from cross-sectoral collaboration


Around the world, cross-sectoral collaborations between universities and the public sector are the norm for leveraging data science and artificial intelligence based capabilities to deliver policy and shape efficiencies in highly uncertain environments. In line with this vision, the HEFCE funded Catalyst Project brought together Essex County Council, Suffolk County Council, and University of Essex to enable innovative and far reaching responses to pressing national and local issues. While such cross-sectoral collaboration is not new, there is a lack of a systematic review of the empirical evidence about which managerial strategies help overcome the serious challenges involved with interorganisational collaboration. This talk presents the first results from a programme of study to take stock of the lessons learnt in the project around collaboration between public authorities and the University and to place these in the context of global best practices in cross-sectoral collaboration.

The slides for the talk are available here