Governance and Politics of Artificial Intelligence

MSc, Hertie School, 2020

Innovations in Artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming economies and societies globally, and with them politics. This course explores these transformations and corresponding policy challenges. As a governance school Hertie has a special responsibility to address these critical topics. Integrating perspectives from both natural and social sciences, this course will provide learning experiences that examine the impact of AI on humans and societies. We will explore the proliferation of algorithmic decision-making and autonomous systems; the issues of ethics, fairness, transparency and accountability raised by AI techniques such as machine learning; balances and interactions between regulation and innovation; the effects of AI on human rights and economic wellbeing; the global AI arms race; and increasing oppressive capabilities of state- and non-state actors. We consider both public and private strategies of regulation, and local, national, and transnational aspects of governance.

Course taught with Joanna Bryson

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