AI for Decision Makers

Executive, Hertie School, 2020

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science have been dominating the headlines in the last few years. But what does it all mean? What are these technologies and how are they linked? What benefits can organisations and businesses derive from deploying such technologies and how can they go about and embed them to deliver tangible benefits? What are the governance implications of artificial intelligence deployment? This course aims to demystify these concepts and highlight direct business and societal benefits. Navigating through the complex maze of these rapidly evolving technologies can be non-trivial for organisations of different size and market maturity. We look beyond the hype and focus on the real challenges and opportunities of practical applications of such technologies for organisations. Whether it is to gain efficiency in current business model or transform decision making and product or service delivery, there are many ways to utilise artificial intelligence technologies. We also consider challenges and opportunities arising from ethical, fair, transparent, and accountable deployment of artificial intelligence.

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